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Welcome to the first step in brand creation or reinvigoration! This form may seem long but it answers very important questions that will help bring your brand to life.

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What is the business name?

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If an existing brand, what's not working for you?

What's your main business goals and objectives?

Describe your business, product or service.

Who's your target audience?

Who are your main competitors?

What impression do you want your business to invoke in customers?

What do you want your new logo or identity to accomplish?

Where and how will the branding be used?

Is there a unique story behind your business or name?

Anything associated with the business that should be emphasized?

Any elements you would like to see incorporated in your brand?

Is there a tag line or slogan that needs to be included?

Are there color preferences or existing brand colors?

Any branding guidelines or restrictions for the new identity?

What brands or brands have caught your attention?

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